Don’t Ask January Jones For Mad Men Season Six Spoilers!

Don't Ask January Jones For Mad Men Season Six Spoilers!

As AMC’s hit period drama “Mad Men” nears its premiere date on April 7, 2013, more and more fans are scouring the internet and just about everywhere looking for season six spoilers. Don’t ask one of the show’s stars, January Jones, though, because her lips are sealed!

As it turns out, January and other cast members of the popular show aren’t exactly aware of what’s going to happen — until the table read. ICYDK has the full report:

“We don’t find out [anything] until we get that first script for each season, which is a couple days before the table read,” January told Zap2it. “The only time I’ve ever gotten a little bit of knowledge is if I had to learn something specifically. Before Season 2, I was taking months of English horseback riding lessons…not really knowing why. I thought I was going to bite the bullet or something.”

“And I don’t ask. I know some of the cast members ask and try to needle info out of [Matthew Weiner]. But, I’d rather be surprised.”


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