Downton Abbey Recap: Bates Knows About Anna’s Rape

Downton Abbey Recap: Bates Knows About Anna's Rape

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Mr. Bates knows about Anna’s rape, even though he doesn’t have all of the details. Mrs. Hughes confronted Anna to tell Mr. Bates the truth about why she has been acting so strangely toward him, but she doesn’t want Mr. Bates to go after Mr. Green. If we know Bates (and we do), he’d find Mr. Green and murder him for what he’s done.

When Mrs. Hughes confronts Anna, little did they know that they had an eavesdropper in Mr. Bates. It’s then that he confronts Mrs. Hughes for the scoop on why his wife is acting so distant. She tells Bates that it was someone random who snuck in while Dame Edna was performing and not Mr. Green.

We thought Edith was traveling to visit Mr. Gregson, but unless he’s moved his office to a doctor’s place of business, then she is there for different reasons. Could Edith be pregnant from her overnight stay with Mr. Gregson?

Mr. Moseley hears that Alfred has left Downton to become a chef, so he goes to see Mr. Carson to ask for a job. Carson offers him the job of a footman, but Moseley thinks it’s beneath him, so he tells Carson that he will mull it over. When he returns to offer up his decision, Carson tells Moseley that Alfred has come back and that there isn’t a position open.

Mrs. Baxter is getting comfortable as a Lady’s maid to Lady Grantham and it seems that Mr. Barrow wants her to have the same arrangement with him that he had with O’Brien. If she coughs up the secrets of the house, will she gain favor?

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