Dr. Conrad Murray To Remain In Jail After Bail Is Denied

Dr. Conrad Murray To Remain In Jail After Bail Is Denied

Dr. Conrad Murray was in court recently to ask the Judge to be released on bail as he awaits his pending appeal in the manslaughter case of Michael Jackson. Judge Pastor denied his bail and he is to remain incarcerated.

Following his trial last year, he was handed down a sentence of four years for his role in the late pop icon’s death. He is currently trying to appeal his sentence, but the judge still feels that he is a danger to society.

Judge Pastor said that it scares him that Dr. Murray thinks that it’s okay to administer a dangerous drug like Propofol in a home environment.

The doctor’s girlfriend tried to make her case for his release, claiming that he’s a good father to their son. She also said that he is the sole support for her and their two-year-old child.

We’re not sure what kind of support he could be for her or their son, considering the fact that his medical license was suspended. What can he do for work in his field now? Do you think he would try to have his license reinstated if he’s granted an appeal?

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