Dr. Conrad Murray To Testify In Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial?

Dr. Conrad Murray To Testify In Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial?

On Thursday and Friday, the court heard testimony from Dr. Conrad Murray via a taped recording he made with the police and his attorney, just a couple of days after Michael Jackson died.

On the recording, Dr. Murray explained that Michael knew what Propofol was and was receiving it prior to his care. He wanted some “milk” and told Dr. Murray that it was the only thing that he knew would work, to get him to sleep.

Dr. Murray admitted to giving Michael the drug, after having given him Lorazepam and Versed. It directly goes against the defense’s argument that Michael self-administered the lethal dose of Propofol that killed him.

A source said, “The fact that the jury has heard Dr. Murray admitting to giving the Propofol almost forces Dr. Murray to testify. His lawyers have been preparing him to take the stand. However there are significant problems. Dr. Murray can come across as very, very arrogant, and seems to be a know-it-all. This could alienate the jury very quickly. If Murray hadn’t given that interview to cops, his lawyers probably wouldn’t be seriously considering putting him on the stand.”

Do you think that Dr. Murray should take the stand in his own defense? It was his attorney who claimed that Michael administered the dose of Propofol himself that created “the perfect storm” in his body and led to his death.

What are your thoughts on the matter? The court is in recess today due to Columbus Day and will resume hearing testimony tomorrow.

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