Duchess Kate Middleton Humiliated By The Queen? (PHOTO)

Duchess Kate Middleton Humiliated By The Queen? (PHOTO)

According to the latest copy of “Life & Style” magazine, Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton has been humiliated by Queen Elizabeth. Apparently the Queen has handed down some new Royal protocol that dictates that Kate should curtsy to blood princesses in the absence of her husband, Prince William.

The Queen made a revision to the Royal Household’s Order of Precedence, which states that Kate is required to curtsy to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s two daughters, princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Why, you might wonder? Reportedly, it is because Kate merely married into the Royal family, whereas Beatrice and Eugenie are princesses by blood.

A source said, “It’s a total humiliation for Kate. It’s like a demotion for her in the royal family, and the queen is the one who ordered this.”

When Kate is accompanied by William, she is not required to curtsy, but needs to whenever she encounters them in a public or private setting. The source added, “These moves from the Queen are designed to remind Kate that just because she’s popular, she isn’t as important as the queen or any other royal-born family member.”

We’re dying to see photos of this demotion curtsy that she’s required to do. Aren’t you? Do you think it’s disrespectful to Kate to make her curtsy before two much younger Royals? Or should it be required as she is a “lesser” Royal? Thoughts?

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