Eighteen Visions – New Punk/Goth Rock For The Masses

Eighteen Visions doesn’t remind me of any other music that I’ve heard before. The rhythm in their music is very catchy and with an already established fan base, this band has definitely caught my attention…in a good way…

It’s lyrics like in the song, “Victim” and the chorus that will keep that song in my head long after the song is over.

Kudos to you, guys.

The Good:This is the real deal. I like it…bunches.
The Bad:Cleveland isn’t on their list of venues.
The Oh-god-my-ears: What? I got distracted listening to “Victim” again….

Editor Update: They have a rockin’ & very well designed website. Check it out ;)

Another Editor Update:I went out last night and “Victim” was on the jukebox at the bar.

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