Emily Maynard Opens Up About Bentley Williams

Emily Maynard Opens Up About Bentley Williams

Former Bachelor winner Emily Maynard has opened up about the recent drama surrounding Bachelorette contestant, Bentley Williams.

If you’ll recall, Bentley embarrassed Ashley Hebert, coming on the show for the wrong reasons and insulting her behind her back. He claimed that it was his hope that the new star of the show would actually be Emily, instead of Ashley. He referred to her as a stunner and said that, in comparison, Ashley is just an “ugly duckling”.

Now, Emily is opening up about Bentley’s confession about her — and she’s giving it to us straight. In a new interview, she commented that she didn’t feel he would’ve been any different for her than he is for Ashley. She said, “He clearly had an agenda for being on the show, and it wasn’t to fall in love. It’s hard for me to believe that someone could be that hurtful and just mean spirited.”

Emily went on to say, “If I were Bentley, I would certainly be sleeping with one eye open.”

I hope they’re not thinking about making him the next Bachelor, because that would just be awful. We really don’t need to glorify that type of behavior, do we?

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