Eminem’s Hotel Room Robbed & Jay-Z Dj Hero Concert News

eminem_robbedEven after getting Sacha Baron Cohen’s butt in his face at the MTV Movie Awards Saturday night, it seems that things have gotten worse for Eminem.

The rapper had thousands of dollars worth of items taken from his Los Angeles hotel room Sunday night. The items included a $60,000 diamond necklace along with his personal laptop.

It’s not getting any better for Eminem, either. On Monday night, he performed at the live concert debut of “DJ Hero” alongside Jay-Z, where he was met with a lukewarm reception when he performed solo.

An eyewitness says, “When Eminem rapped with Jay, the crowd loved it. But when he continued on his own and did songs off his new album, the energy just died. People were pumped to see him, but he wasn’t interacting with his fans. His performance was mechanical, without a lot of personality, and people were pretty disappointed.”

Another snitch on scene, said, “After Eminem finished his set, he left the stage and was waiting on the sidelines, hoping that the crowd would cheer so that he’d have to do an encore. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t happen – people started to file out before his set was even done, and didn’t seem to really care if he came back or not. So he didn’t.”

As far as the MTV Movie Awards incident is concerned, the source added, “There was no mention of Saturday’s MTV Movie Awards at all.”

Update: Eminem just gave an interview to Rap Radar where he talks about the rumors swirling around the internet about his hotel room getting robbed.

There is a report today that your hotel room was robbed and thieves got 60K and your laptop while you were at ceremony. Is that true and if so what would someone find on your computer?

The only thing was that I lost a Nike watch that we were looking for. The rest it is made-up like half the other stuff out there.

Update #2:

So there you have it!

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