Eminem’s Mother Is Dying?

According to sources, Eminem’s mother, Debbie Mathers is underweight and is about to undergo much needed heart surgery.

In a lot of his songs, he murders his mother and talks about her and his childhood. He rapped about how she sued him and how she had Münchausen syndrome.

Take this song, “Kill You“, for instance:

Maybe they can bury the hatchet now? I don’t know deep this goes for Shady, but that’s his mother. He may hate her in his lyrics, but does he hate her for real?

Even though she tried sued him for slander and won $1,600, and wrote a book about her experience as his mother as a plot for revenge, do you think it goes deeper than that?

Em’s grandmother, Betty Kresin, says, “My daughter Debbie is very sick. Her dying wish is to reconcile with her son and see her granddaughter. It’s do or die and Marshall needs to see her before it’s too late. She needs heart bypass surgery and she should weigh about 120 pounds, but she’s some 50 pounds below that. Her breast cancer is in remission, but I’m really scared for her. I have to go to her house and help her get around. She no longer has the will to live.”

Think they can move forward from what’s already happened?

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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