Emma Roberts Arrested Over Evan Peters Spat

Emma Roberts Arrested Over Evan Peters Spat

Emma Roberts and her boyfriend Evan Peters had a bit of a spat which ended up with him being given a bloody nose and a bite mark on his person. The actress was arrested in Canada after the police showed up and saw that he had visible injuries. She was charged by cops with domestic violence, but he declined to press charges against her.

USATODAY has more:

TMZ’s anonymous sources are everywhere, including Canada. They say someone called the cops to report a fight in a hotel room. When the cops showed up, they found Peters with a bloody nose and, supposedly, a bite mark.

Roberts was immediately arrested because Peters had obvious injuries, but sources close to her denied biting him, TMZ said. Nevertheless, the indefatigable website illustrated its story with close-up shots of Emma’s “chompers.” Charming.

She was released shortly after being booked because he didn’t want to press charges. How nice of him.

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