Emma Stone Had Instant Chemistry With Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone Had Instant Chemistry With Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone has revealed that she had instant chemistry with her current boyfriend Andrew Garfield. The duo met on the set of “The Amazing Spider-Man” and have been dating for a year. But, she said that she felt an instant connection with him and that convinced her to do the movie with the British actor.

In a new interview, she said, “I don’t think you should try to explain the chemistry between two people – it’s either there or it isn’t. Initially, I was worried that The Amazing Spider-Man was going to be all CGI and green screens. But then I got the script, which had these incredible scenes between Peter and Gwen with real emotion and heart. The final audition – where they had me in full costume and hair to shoot scenes with Andrew – convinced me to take the part.”

She also said that despite her success as an actress, the money that she’s earned hasn’t increased her level of happiness. She said, “It doesn’t buy you love or happiness – my parents taught me that. My father worked so hard for so long to get me where I am. My parents have never acted in their lives. They’re both afraid of public speaking, but they’re amazing. They said, ‘We can’t imagine why you want to act but we understand you want to.'”

In addition, Emma doesn’t buy into herself being a style icon. She added, “But really that’s down to my stylist. She says, ‘Do you want to wear this?’ And I’m like, ‘Sure’. And I put it on. In my daily life I just wear what I like. Looking back, I can’t believe how much makeup I used to wear. When I was a teenager I would get a spray tan to cover up my freckles.”

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