Evan Rachel Wood Disses ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Shoot From When She Was 15

Evan Rachel Wood Disses 'Vanity Fair' Cover Shoot From When She Was 15

Is it really wise to bite a hand that feeds you? Guess it must be since actress Evan Rachel Wood chose to do that very thing with a magazine that actually put her on the cover of it. She was lucky enough to get on a magazine at a young age, but now she’s dissing the cover of it.

The “True Blood” actress was not a happy camper when she had a blast from the past. One of her Twitter followers posted a picture of her on the cover of “Vanity Fair” magazine. The actress was 15-years-old at the time that the picture was taken. It was for a ‘young Hollywood’ issue, but Wood claimed that she didn’t feel comfortable when did the shoot. She didn’t like the dress she was given for the photo shoot.

Evan Rachel Wood Disses 'Vanity Fair' Cover Shoot From When She Was 15

Wood also said that she didn’t like the shoes that she was given because she wasn’t given a choice of shoes to wear. Guess the wardrobe people should have bent over backwards to cater to the young star at the time. She and the other actresses that were featured on the cover were evaluated and lined up in the issue. Maybe she didn’t like her evaluation and that’s why she is making a big deal about it now. It’s interesting that Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan were also featured on the cover of that issue and look at them now.

Wood felt pressured at the time and had to do what she was told. She felt like a piece of meat. Now that she’s older, she will never let that happen again. Surely she didn’t feel this way when she was paid for the issue. It’s funny how this is coming out now that she was reminded about the cover.

She took to her Twitter account to say:

I was almost in tears after this shoot. They tried that dress on me, I wasnt comfortable but they told me there was no time cause everyone else took up too much time with their fittings. Then I was given a choice on whether I wanted to wear flats or heels. I chose flats and was immediately handed heels and told they looked better. Then we were all lined up, stared at and approved. I was 15 and felt for the first time my identity being erased and the pressure to shut up and do what you are told. I felt like meat. Since then, I have found my voice. Never again.

The disgusted actress must not have felt that strongly about the cover because she appeared on it again. She enjoyed the experience better this time than she did the first time. After the comments she made about it though, this may have been her last appearance on the cover.

She went on to say:

“Side note , I have shot the cover of “vanity fair” since and had a much different experience. It was quite lovely. I think when you are young and inexperienced and shy you can be bullied more. I learned to say no.”

Since receiving some backlash, she took to her Twitter to add:

“To all the haters. I am not complaining about being on the cover of vanity fair. I understand I am very privileged and there are far worse thing to go through. My point was that things arent always what they seem. Especially in this industry. What may seem glamorous sometimes comes at a price. I only want to encourage other young girls to stay true to who they are. No matter what. Hold on to your self.”

And there you have it!

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