Exclusive: Protesters Protest Joe Paterno’s Statue At Penn State (PHOTO)

Exclusive: Protesters Protest Joe Paterno's Statue At Penn State (PHOTO)

Jerry Sandusky was jailed for abusing young boys during his time at Penn State and Second Mile. Louis Freeh investigated the actions of the University surrounding the circumstances involved with Jerry’s access to victims and the school’s responsibility in the cruel acts. The report came out and it said plain and clear, Joe Paterno knew that Jerry was abusing children and did nothing but help cover it up.

It went all of the way up, with school officials covering up the acts of which Jerry Sandusky was found guilty. Whether or not the University plans to take down the statue of Joe Paterno remains a mystery, but there are some in the Penn State area are protesting the statue, using any means necessary.

Will they take the statue down? A Penn State officer is guarding the statue, keeping it safe from those who would like to see it taken down. The irony here is that the cops will protect this statue, but no one was there to protect the victims from that monster.

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Hat Tip: Frank Lance

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