Farrah Abraham To Open Alcohol Free Restaurant

Farrah Abraham To Open Alcohol Free Restaurant

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is planning on opening an alcohol-free restaurant. Upon completing her treatment in rehab for alcohol abuse, the reality star has revealed plans to open a place that caters to designated drivers.

Prior to entering into treatment, she talked to HollywoodLife about her restaurant plans. She said, “The main theme and purpose of why I’m making this restaurant is really the community involvement. It’s called DD’s. It’s drinks and doughnuts, but everything is non-alcoholic and it is for having designated drivers making good driving choices and decisions.”

Farrah is in trouble herself for having a DUI in Nebraska, so perhaps this is her way of giving back?

She continued, “I feel like when people are going through special hardships and have so many restraints put on them, it’s good to be rewarded. It’s good to have free food. It’s good to have all these perks when you go out and eat and a fan and great environment”.

Do you think it’s a good decision for Farrah to open up such a place? If she gives away free food, will she go broke with all of the money she made from her porn flick? What do you think? Is this a restaurant that you would go to? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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