First Victim – Dirty Sanchez

With it’s mix of electronica, weird beats, and spoken word nonsense, our first victim is Dirty Sanchez. The lyrics sound as if they were thought up by a seven-year-old child.Via their Myspace page:

By now you must have heard of Dirty Sanchez and if you haven’t you’re about to. They’ve been wowing audiences for the past few years with
their crazy blend of electro rock and over the top performances. The
shows are full of energy, costume changes and props, super charged
songs, and an amazing stage presence. They’ve played alongside greats
such as Miss Kittin, Fannypack, Boy George, Nina Hagen and The Hacker.

What’s left to the imagination? How about, how on earth they got 430k total plays?!?

Per Wikipedia, a “dirty sanchez” is defined as follows:

It is performed by sticking one’s finger (or other object) in one partner’s rectum and then swiping a line of feces under the nose, making a “moustache” that looks Hispanic, hence “Sanchez”.

I think the same can be said for this music, just don’t ‘swipe’ it near my ears. Total crap.

Verdict: They owe us stars.