Game Of Thrones Recap Season 2 Episode 8 5/20/12 ‘The Prince Of Winterfell’

This evening HBO’s new hit series “Game Of Thrones” returns with an all new episode entitled “The Prince Of Winterfell”. Well it looks like the actual war action is about to begin being that there is not too many epsiodes left of season 2 so be ready to keep your eyes glued to the set.

That snot nose little punk of a King, Joffrey is going to get some of what he has been dishing out as the people of King’s Landing become increasingly disgusted with his reign over the city. Just what this little pain in the rear needs to put him in his place. Will he be backed down? Probably not seeing as how he doesn’t have much common sense.

Meanwhile it looks like Robb Stark is going to find himself betrayed by someone. Who is the mystery betrayer? We won’t know until tonight’s episode airs. (or of course if you have already read the books you might already know.)

Jorah’s love for Daenerys will prove to be a problem for him as he continues to attempt to convince her that she needs to leave Qarth and move on if she ever wants to take her rightful place. Will she ever see reason?

Unfortunately, that little pervert Theon will still reign over Winterfell as a self proclaimed prince there. (insert a vomitting noise here). Is it too much to ask to have this jerk overthrown? Maybe not. We have to wait and see.

While all of this is going on believe it or not Tyrion and Vary’s manage to claim some common ground now between each other. Could this be a match made in heaven?

Join us this evening at 9pm as we live recap the show on our sister site and don’t forget to refresh the page to get all the war strategies as they happen!


Theon receives a visitor and holds down the fort. Arya calls in her final debt with Jaqen in a way that displeases him. Robb is betrayed. Tyrion and Varys find common ground. Dany ignores Jorah’s advice. Stannis and Davos approach their destination, and Davos is offered a reward.

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