George Clooney Is About To Dump Stacy Keibler?

George Clooney Is About To Dump Stacy Keibler?

Is eternal bachelor George Clooney gearing up to dump his girlfriend Stacy Keibler? That’s the rumor that’s making the rounds on the internet! Has her contract finally expired? Ha.

Reportedly, one of the signs that the Clooney is about to fly the coop is that he starts showering his lady friends with gifts — and then casts her aside with the trash. Poor Stacy! If she wants to know how that feels, she can just ask Sarah Larson and Elisabetta Canalis.

A source revealed, “When he starts buying you things, it’s his way of letting you down easy.”

Right after Elisabetta started babbling on about loving George and wanting babies with him, he decided to pay off the one year lease on her home — right before ditching her. A source has revealed that George has already bought Stacy some super pricey jewelry and has even increased her monthly allowance to $25,000. Could you imagine? It’s like getting paid to date the world’s most eligible bachelor…

The snitch added, “Just when the girl thinks she’ll be the one he finally marries, he says goodbye.”

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