George Clooney Is Marrying Up

George Clooney Is Marrying Up

Hollywood actor George Clooney insists that by marrying British attorney Amal Alamuddin, he is marrying up. The duo got engaged in April and are expected to tie the knot in September, but he’s the one who feels like the lucky one in the relationship.

In a new interview with Variety, he said, “I’m marrying up.”

If you hadn’t heard, George recently went head-to-head with the Daily Mail after the British tabloid reported that Amal’s mother Baria wanted Amal to marry a Druze man. The tabloid commented that in weddings where a Druze marries a non-Druze, it sometimes ends with the death of the bride. George doesn’t usually respond to tabloid reports, but he took it very personally (rightfully so) and addressed the Mail’s lies on USA Today’s website.

He spoke of the written smackdown that he gave the paper, saying, “It’s just fun to slap those bad guys every once in a while, knock ’em around. I would sit with my friends and we’d go, ‘So they just sat at a computer and just went, ‘Okay, this is what I’m gonna say today.’ I mean, literally, because you just go, ‘There isn’t literally an element of truth in this.’ You just laugh, and let it go. I’m used to it after all these years.”

He added, “That’s why you pick your fights at a tabloid. Every day they write things that aren’t true, but every once in a while they write something that is actually dangerous to your family, and it’s probably not true. And that’s the one you pick.”

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