George Clooney & Stacy Keibler To Breakup Soon?

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler To Breakup Soon?

Is George Clooney’s romance with Stacy Keibler coming to an end? It would appear so after rumors started sprouting up all over the internet that the two are growing apart from one another.

Reportedly, George and Stacy’s relationship is rocky and just about over. They’ve been dating for over a year now, but we’re not sure how much longer things are going to last between them. A spy who saw Stacy recently said that “she was acting really nervous and refused to talk about George.”

Another source revealed, “They’re barely talking. She is worried that he may break up with her any day now. George is being really distant and pulling away from her. She wakes up every morning and doesn’t know what’s going to happen. She’s well aware that she needs to get as much work as possible right now. She’s working as much as she can.”

Are they on the verge of a breakup? Or is this more nonsense surrounding their relationship for us all to ignore? Only time will tell, but if she’s uttering the words “baby” or “marriage”, then it won’t be long before he gets out.

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