George Clooney & Stacy Keibler To Split Soon?

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler To Split Soon?

The latest gossip making the rounds suggests that George Clooney is about to dump his current girlfriend Stacy Keibler. Did she mention babies or marriage? One has to wonder because, as we all know, George is allergic to commitment.

During their time at the Golden Globes, George and Stacy were yucking it up for the cameras, but afterward, not to much. A source said, “Stacy looked distant and sad. She usually bubbly and excited to be there next to George, but she was like a statue.”

Close friends of the couple say that Stacy’s time with George is winding to a halt. The pal said, “George liked her at first because she wasn’t into fame. Now that Stacy’s around the A-list, she’s hooked. George wants someone more low-key.”

Another snitch said that Stacy is quite bored with George and has been partying it up without him. The spy said, “She likes to have fun and George has been working more than ever.”

The source added that George is more devoted to his Hollywood career than his relationship with Stacy. In March, he will begin filming his new movie “The Monuments Men” in Europe. The snitch added, “He’s starring in it and directing it, so he’ll be very busy…that means no Stacy.”

Do you think they will make it to the Oscars?

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