George Clooney Tells Girlfriend Stacy Keibler He’s Dying

George Clooney Tells Girlfriend Stacy Keibler He's Dying

Eternal bachelor George Clooney has told his girlfriend Stacy Keibler that he is dying so he won’t have to tie the knot with her. Stay classy, George. On the other hand, she should know that George is never going to be remarried, he has dumped women for mentioning anything with regard to any sort of commitment. Remember Elisabetta Canalis? Us neither.

According to the latest gossip, George has told Stacy that he is unfit for marriage because he is falling apart and dying. Malaria, the best excuse not to get hitched…since…never.

A source told the “National Enquirer”, “George says his body has been so beat up by a host of accidents and maladies over the years that he’d make a terrible husband and dad. But Stacy’s not buying it. She thinks he’s just playing the sympathy card so she’ll feel sorry for him and won’t press him to tie the knot.”

The spy went on to say, “Even though Stacy’s not happy about it, she understands that George’s biggest problem is a terminal case of wedding bell phobia. She realizes George will indeed die before he ever gets hitched!”

And he’ll dump you if he ever catches wind of you bringing it up at all, so watch out girl!

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