George Clooney’s Mug Shot Photo: Where Is It?

George Clooney's Mug Shot Photo: Where Is It?

As we reported earlier today, George Clooney was arrested in Washington, DC today after crossing a police line on the steps of the Sudanese Embassy. He was there in protest of the conditions for the residents in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. The government is trying to wipe out the population there using aerial bombs.

Prior to his arrest, he said, “First, immediately we need humanitarian aid to be allowed into the Sudan. Second they need to stop randomly killing innocent men, women and children. They need to stop raping them.”

George has since posted $100 bail, after he, his father and thirteen other people were arrested for the cause. Now, the online community is clamoring for a peek of the actor with his just right scruff and dapper looks — for his mug shot photo. Fans of the actor have been asking for the handsome mug shot photo, using the hashtag #FreeClooney on Twitter.

I’m sure if we could convince George that the release of the photo would benefit the cause, he might be down for releasing it himself. Still, we will wait patiently for the photo to surface online. So stay tuned — we’ll have it right here when it becomes available!

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