Gerard Butler’s Womanizing Ways Are Behind Him

Gerard Butler's Womanizing Ways Are Behind Him

Gerard Butler knows that the perfect way to get women is to make them think that his douchebag ways are behind him. Of course it works, Gerry is slick. A hot, rich Scottish stud says that he’s changed his womanizing ways? Yeah, that’s about all it takes, right ladies?

The actor said that he leads a more settled lifestyle and his days of womanizing are all long gone. He’s hot and sexy and no longer chases tail like he used to. Since meeting his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea earlier in the year, he has developed more calm rituals in his life.

He revealed, “I think I’ve had that going on for a while now. I’m not saying I don’t like to have my fun but I’m nowhere near the wild kid that I once was. Sometimes you’re sitting there, doing your thing. Maybe you’re alone in bed reading your book and thinking, ‘I wish they could see me now! The crazy f***ing womanizing Gerard Butler is in bed reading.'”

He went on to say, “I think I’ve been propelled through life from one mistake to another, I can look back and say in my philosophical mode that I needed to make those mistakes and I learnt from all of them. But overall I do think that whatever happens is supposed to happen.”

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