Globe: Farewell To Stars We Loved & Lost In 2011 (Photo)

Globe: Farewell To Stars We Loved & Lost In 2011 (Photo)

In this week’s Globe magazine, we’ve got a whole spread dedicated to the stars that we’ve loved and lost in the year 2011.

Stars whom we’ve lost this year include (per this issue):

Amy Winehouse
Randy “Macho Man” Savage
James Arness
Joe Frazier
Jeff Conaway
Jack Lalanne
Elizabeth Taylor
Jane Russell
Betty Ford

Also in this issue, they are making the claim that Donald Trump is ready to run for President of the United States in 2012. According to them, he’s the only one who can beat Barack Obama.

Celebrities & Politicians who have passed away this year:

Kim Jong-Il
Christopher Hitchens
Patrice O’Neal
Heavy D
Andy Rooney
Dorothy Rodham (Hillary Clinton’s mother)
Steve Jobs
Arch West
Frances Bay
Andy Whitfield
Cliff Robertson
Bubba Smith
Peter Falk
Ryan Dunn
Clarence Clemons
Jack Kevorkian
Mia Amber Davis
Osama Bin Laden (Finally!)
Warren Christopher
Nick Ashford
Michael Gough
Nate Dogg
Mike Starr
Anne Francis

That’s just a shorter list, but the new issue of Globe promises to spotlight 93 celebrities that we’ve lost this year. Also, do you think Donald Trump should run for President? Would you vote for him? Sound off in the comments and remember your favorite celeb we lost this year!

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