Globe: Kate Middleton Flees A Murder Scene! (Photo)

Globe: Kate Middleton Flees A Murder Scene! (Photo)

The latest issue of Globe magazine features the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in a wickedly insane article. On the cover, they are making the claim that Catherine was there when a dead body was found on the royal estate. So, Kate left the scene of the murder, as the magazine claims.

According to the Globe’s report:

Prince William’s wife Kate is living in terror after a woman was found brutally murdered at the very spot on a royal estate where the pretty Duchess had stood just hours before. “It could have been me,” Kate shrieked, as she insisted on fleeing the property, vowing never to return.

Kate most recently celebrated her 30th birthday party in a low-key celebration. Her husband, Prince William, took her to see Steven Spielberg’s movie, War Horse, on the night before.

Steven said that he was happy to share his movie premiere with the royal couple. I’m sure Kate was trying to keep all of her plans on the low-down so as not to be pressured about turning thirty and not producing a royal heir. We hope she enjoyed her special day!

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