Globe Magazine: Prince Charles & Camilla Splitting Up? (Photo)

Globe: Prince Charles & Camilla Splitting Up? (Photo)

According to the newest issue of Globe magazine, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles are in their final split! Have they split up previously? If you believe the Globe, then this news story isn’t exactly a new scenario for the royal couple.

In June of last year, the tabloid gave a very similar story. Check out their cover from that particular issue:

Globe: Prince Charles & Camilla Splitting Up? (Photo)

Recent reports suggest that Charles and Camilla are spending quite a bit of time apart from one another. Camilla reportedly told her hairdresser and confidante Jo Hansford all about her getaways.

Jo revealed in a recent interview, “Ray Mill House is her escape. She likes to be in her own home. With that kind of life how can you ever be a normal person? He was born into it, she wasn’t, she came into it much later in life. Why would he want to take on all her family, then feel uncomfortable being in another situation? That escape is fantastic from her point of view.”

A royal aide reportedly added, “This is causing concern about the future. She goes off at least once a week or every ten days to escape. Charles is worried and irritated and has spoken to her. But she thinks he is being unfair. He is used to getting his own way but Camilla feels that now, within reason, she is going to lead her own life. They are not talking about divorce, they are mature people. This is how they make their marriage work.”

So the Globe is wrong? Say it isn’t so! A spokesman for Charles and Camilla recently revealed, “They are not leading separate lives, they do joint engagements and individual engagements to maximize the impact the royals have.”

Update: Here is the official story from Globe, which they’ve published 48 minutes after ours went live. There you have it!

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