Globe Magazine: Princess Diana Was Murdered

Globe Magazine: Princess Diana Was Murdered

The late people’s Princess, Diana, is featured on the cover of the latest copy of Globe magazine. Inside, the tabloid claims that Princess Diana was murdered by a three-man hit squad! Can you imagine?!?

The Queen has apparently named the late Princess’ killers as Scotland Yard has opened up a new investigation into her untimely death.

The magazine also claims that former president Bill Clinton is gravely ill:

A grim new photograph of Bill Clinton confirms the tragic truth – the former President is desperately frail and losing his courageous battle with heart problems and Parkinson’s disease, friends fear. See the startling photo of Clinton and read why friends and loved ones believe the worst – that his health has taken a devastating downturn and there is no hope!

Stay tuned for any updates on these stories as they are made available.

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