Globe: Where Are They Now? (Photo)

Globe: Where Are They Now? (Photo)

On the cover of the latest issue of Globe magazine are 25 TV cops and private eyes, with the question of “Where Are They Now?”

The featured story shows some of the best television officers in the business and promises to get fans up to date on what the stars of those shows look like today! Globe reports:

GLOBE features an exclusive 11-page special revealing where 25 of your favorite stars from TV’s cops and private eye shows are now. Find out what Miami Vice’s Don Johnson, Police Woman Angie Dickenson, the Mod Squad trio and many more are up to – and see how they look today!

Also featured in this issue is recordings from the John F. Kennedy assassination, exposing the real killer of one of our greatest Presidents. They also tell us why Lee Harvey Oswald got the blame for the murder of JFK.

In addition, they also cover Prince Harry supposedly proposing to Pippa Middleton! Shocking, if it’s true! There were rumors floating around that they were flirting before and after Kate’s wedding to Prince William, so the idea isn’t that far-fetched.

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