Good Charlotte scraps ‘Cardiology’; Re-records album

Good Charlotte has scrapped their fifth studio album, “Cardiology” and is re-recording the entire thing. The album, which was reportedly ready to be released in 2009, was said to be all “connected to the heart”, thus the name.

In a post on their official website, they break it down for us:

FINALLY……It feels right. Settle in guys, I have some explaining to do. I haven’t written this Blog post yet because I wasn’t in the right headspace to. We had a very strange End to 2009. We went in the studio for over 2 months recording a record we scrapped. We lost A DEAR DEAR Friend. I kind of lost my mind. For a moment. Such is life though right? What you do with these situations, thats where YOU decide what your gonna make of yourself right? Right.

So here we are. We decided we are the Luckiest Guys in the world to get to live our dreams like this. Getting to be creative everyday and make music. This record has been the strangest, most exciting, frustrating,emotional, challenging and most fun experience i have ever had in my life. That is why i know it is a special one. GC has never meant so much to me. i can’t explain why. I don’t know its all i have, all I really want. Watching our friends A7X say good-bye to the Rev a few weeks ago, just confirmed everything for me. Those guys are brothers. They are the only other band i have met that are just like us. Family. I realized that life is precious and every day i get to spend with Joel and Billy and Paul and Deano and our crew is really special. here IS ONE of my favorite pics.

The album is 2007’s long-awaited followup to “Good Morning Revival”.

Fame Pictures

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