Grey’s Anatomy Killed Off Derek Shepherd; Fans Are Angry Over Fan Favorite’s Death

Grey's Anatomy Killed Off Derek Shepherd; Fans Are Angry Over Fan Favorite's Death

Grey’s Anatomy’s episode on April 23 jolted fans, with the ghastly exit of Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd. He held the role of the heartthrob character for the long running medical drama, but was killed off in a spectacular fashion this week. Fans expressed their anger and shock on social media, with one fan saying it was a death sentence for the show.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Facebook page is filled with angry outbursts from fans who have watched this show for years. One fan said that they let their ego get the best of them and have now destroyed the best show on TV. Another wrote that it was horrible to have a show they watched for years be ripped out from under them.

One post on Twitter said about Grey Sloan Memorial was that it is the only hospital that had a higher number of deceased surgeons than its patients. Another post asks anyone who feels emotionally victimized to raise their hand. Fans feel they were deceived with how the show opened as it has a history of the opening scene being what the episode would focus on. It was assumed that the car crash with the four injured passengers would be the focus of the episode, but apparently that was not the case.

Patrick Dempsey played Shepherd on the series and he made a shocking departure from the show when he died from injuries after being hit unexpectedly by a truck. He had stopped to assist the four passengers injured in the crash and had just gotten them stabilized enough to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Shepherd gets in his car and is suddenly hit by a truck. At the hospital, Shepherd is in a coma and the viewers were able to hear his thoughts as he realizes he is dying.

Written by the series creator, Shonda Rhimes, the season ends with Grey, the series star facing life as a single mother. Grey’s Anatomy is headed towards it’s 12th season, but only time will tell how many fans return to watch.

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