Harry Styles Wrote A Love Song About Taylor Swift?

Harry Styles Wrote A Love Song About Taylor Swift?

Could love be in the air for One Direction’s Harry Styles? For those who don’t know or didn’t care about the couple, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift used to date each other. They dated around 2012 and broke up a little while ago. Styles wrote a love song for a duo on “X Factor”. It seems like it may be a love song for Swift.

According to sources, The One Direction singer wrote the song for Alex and Sierra on the “X Factor”, but it’s about Swift. The song is about his regret that the relationship ended. It’s not hard to realize where he got the inspiration for this song.

The One Direction singer wrote a line in the song that was similar to a line from Taylor’s song called “Out Of The Woods”. He also wrote about falling in love with someone and she’s still taking his breath away. Another line that suggests it may be to Swift is that he loves her, but she doesn’t want him. This sounds like Taylor alright. If those clues aren’t enough that the song may be about Swift, here’s one more clue. Another line in the song mentions he wouldn’t be trouble for her anymore. Swift wrote a song called “I Knew You Were Trouble”.

Apparently, Swift did not feel the same way about Styles. The former country singer dissed the pop star in her song. This is what she normally does to her exes. Her song “Out Of The Woods” is clearly about the British boy bander. She makes references to their relationship in the song. One lyric mentions the month they dated, which is clearly directed at him. She also makes reference to a necklace he bought her in the song. In addition, she wrote about an accident they were in together. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out the inspiration.

Did Styles give the song to the duo so it wouldn’t be obvious that he was writing about Swift? Is this his way of getting her back? Only time will tell.

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