Has Whitney Houston gone back to drugs?

Friends and family members of Whitney Houston are concerned that she may have relapsed back into her drug doing days and are urging the singer to head back to rehab.

The singer was said to have appeared “breathless, exhausted and disoriented during her comeback tour”, which has prompted her family to lead a campaign to get her back into treatment.

According to Celebitchy, an insider said, “The family members are deeply concerned because Whitney appears to be back to the same erratic and troubling behavior she exhibited when she was in the grips of a crack and cocaine addiction. Whitney is drinking alcohol and she’s frequently dazed, confused and seemingly out of it. She came close to destroying her career and professional reputation with drugs, and the family is determined to avert a similar disaster.”

Her family wants her to seek the necessary treatment during her break in her Nothing But Love tour. Another source said, “Her family wants her to slip into rehab during the break, and then undergo more intensive treatment in June. They feel strongly that Whitney won’t be able to finish the tour unless she gets help right away – and they believe it could save her life.”

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