Have you heard PAS/CAL yet?

[Photo Credit: The Orchard]

I’m 9,000 miles behind everyone else on the music curve, but I just got wind of PAS/CAL and ya know what? They don’t suck.

They sent me their news song, “Glorious Ballad of the Ignored” and a link to their Myspace page. So I proceeded to listen to the song to find that it’s not too shabby. Even better was one of their earlier songs, “You Were Too Old For Me”.

They say they sound like “a small flat case containing two reels and a length of magnetic tape that winds between them, often used in audio and video recorders and players and as a medium for storing data in digital form.”

If you don’t like the ballad, don’t dismiss them before you check out You Were Too Old For Me….it’s groovy!

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