Heidi Klum Discusses Saving Son Henry & Nannies From Hawaiian Riptide

Heidi Klum Discusses Saving Son Henry & Nannies From Hawaiian Riptide

Heidi Klum had quite the ordeal when her son Henry and some of their nannies got caught in a riptide during their Hawaiian vacation. When she noticed them all struggling, she jumped into action with her boyfriend Martin Kristen and pulled them all from the water. Now, she’s talking to Ellen DeGeneres about the vacation that almost went badly.

She revealed, “We had an awesome holiday until the last day. We had been swimming all week. Everything was beautiful. Beautiful weather and on the last day when my son and three grown ups were in the water and all of the sudden one of those riptides came and took my son and everyone into the water and they couldn’t get back out. It all happens so fast.”

She went on to say, “It was so scary. I mean it happens in a second.”

With regard to her son Henry, she said, “To be honest, he is a really good swimmer. He is very strong, and I guess because he is really athletic he knows how to swim so well. He said, ‘Well, you always told me when you’re in the water you have to be really calm and you can’t stress out and that’s what I did.'”

She added, “It took four seconds and he was out, but the grown ups, it was really hard for them to get back out. The waves were just all of the sudden taking them deeper into the ocean. It’s really wild.”

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