Heidi Klum Doesn’t Want To Talk To Howard Stern About Seal’s Junk

Heidi Klum Doesn't Want To Talk To Howard Stern About Seal's Junk

Howard Stern had his America’s Got Talent fellow judge Heidi Klum squirming uncomfortably during a recent interview when he asked her about the size of her estranged husband Seal’s penis. He’s a classy fella, isn’t he? (Just kidding, we love Howard.)

The two reality TV judges were messing around for Extra’s cameras when Stern started to quiz the her about why she won’t appear on his satellite radio show. He suggested it might be because she doesn’t want to talk about her marriage to Seal, stating, “I don’t know what Heidi’s afraid to talk about… The divorce with Seal? Who cares? Nobody cares about Seal. Alright, how big was Seal’s penis?”

Klum said in response, “You see this is the thing. I don’t wanna talk about these things.”

Klum then asked Stern if he was having fun with her and their co-judges Melanie Brown and Howie Mandel, to which he got serious and said, “You could be more fun.”

Uh oh!

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