Heidi Klum Saves Son Henry & Nanny From Drowning In Hawaii

Heidi Klum Saves Son Henry & Nanny From Drowning In Hawaii

Supermodel Heidi Klum is a saint — after saving her son Henry (naturally) and her nanny from drowning in the ocean during a vacation in Hawaii. What’s crazy about this situation is that so many people stood around snapping pictures of her and her near wardrobe malfunction that no one was decent enough to offer any help! WTF, people?!?

Heidi took her four children, Henry, Leni, Johan and Lou out with their nannies for some swimming and beach time. Henry became caught up in a dangerous current and one of his nannies was even further out. So, she basically did the human thing and rushed out to save not only her kid, but his nanny, as well.

She said, “Henry swam out of it. I grabbed him at the shore. The nannies were the ones in much deeper trouble.”

During her struggle to rescue the nanny, onlookers became more concerned with taking photos of her as she nearly slipped out of her bikini top. She added, “The family was surprised that we were being photographed and no one would come help us. These photos taken recently look much worse than it really was that day. Still, to us it seems like a pretty big deal.”

Kudos to her and shame on all of those bystanders who watched and did nothing.

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