Heidi Montag Is Writing An Autobiography

Heidi Montag Is Writing An Autobiography

At twenty-five years old, former reality television actress Heidi Montag is gearing up for her very first autobiography. Wait, does anyone still know who she is? We do live in an ADD society, don’t we? In case you’ve forgotten, she’s the bleach blonde stick who had ten plastic surgeries in one day only to emerge as FrankenBarbie, only a jacked up version.

Along with her husband, Spencer Pratt, they have faked a pregnancy, wedding, divorce rumors and have done several reality shows. Still, the thing she’s most known for is her failed music career and those stupid surgeries.

Yet, she wants to share all of her experiences with all of us little people. A source said, “She’ll talk about the control that Spencer exerted over here, which forced her to make bad decisions that ultimately got her kicked off The Hills. A big chunk of the book will be about how Heidi befriended Lauren and how devastated she was when she ended up dumping her as her BFF. Maybe something positive will come out of it. She’s happy to have people read the full story and make up their own minds.”

Do people still care about her feud with LC? Seriously?

She’s also gearing up to talk about her ten surgeries in one day. The source added, “She blames a lot of it on the pressure of being in the public spotlight. She wanted to make herself look like a Barbie doll.”

Mattel should totally sue her for throwing their trademark around.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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