Heidi Montag thinks we’re stupid

Heidi Montag has just launched her new official website, thus marking today as the day we get to see the trailer trash version of Paris Hilton’s site…but I digress.

Heidi wrote this as her welcome post:

Welcome to my all new official website / blog. This is the first time to have my own blog, so I am super excited to be posting tons of blogs. I will be posting blogs on my site daily, so please your post comments for myself and other fans to view.

I am not about slapping ads over my blog to make a quick buck like most celeb site/blogs. I am only concerned with building a great official online community where my fans can interact without being bombarded with ads.

The photo above is a composite of things we found on Heidi’s website. Notice anything? The site is not showing any ads?? Except, maybe, for the crap she’s getting paid to annoy everyone with on Twitter.

She was following Earsucker on Twitter, that is, until we blocked her.

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