Heidi Montag trashed her dead doctor for publicity

This chick would sell out her own mother if she thought it would give her press!

Last year, Heidi Montag underwent a series of ten surgeries in one day so that she could alter her appearance. Her doctor, Dr. Frank Ryan, performed the surgeries all in one day, much to the dismay of critics.

Yesterday, Heidi felt the need to blast Dr. Ryan, even though he passed away earlier this year in a car accident.

Per our report from yesterday:

Despite making money off of her surgeries, Heidi went on to reveal that hindsight is always 20/20 and wouldn’t go through with it again if she had it all to do over. She said, “I wouldn’t do it again…If I could go back, I wouldn’t have had them. It was a lot harder, then I was led on by my doctor. I didn’t know how excessive it really was.”

Now, a friend of his, Dawn DaLuise says that she knows the reason behind Heidi’s comments. She said, “She is desecrating his memory.” She went on to reveal that Heidi had become obsessed with Dr. Ryan and he was forced to turn down her advances.

Dawn said, “Heidi Montag is taking advantage of Dr. Ryan’s death. Her PR people and agents were weighing the options of her either attending the memorial service for him on Monday or going on TV and talking about him and I guess she decided to trash him instead of remember him. Heidi is just trying to stay famous.”

Dawn added, “Heidi was fixated with Dr. Ryan. He told friends that she used to show up and try to talk to him all the time. She was obsessed with him and he spurned her advances.”


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