Hell’s Kitchen Recap For July 11, 2013: 5 Chefs Compete Part 3

Hell's Kitchen Recap For July 11, 2013: 5 Chefs Compete Part 3

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of the hit cooking competition Hell’s Kitchen. Tonight’s show features the third part of the “5 Chefs Compete” series in which no one has been eliminated. All five remaining chefs have black jackets and are competing to be the head chef at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.

Have you been keeping up with the show? If not, you can read the first and second part of “5 Chefs Compete” using these two links.

Left in the competition are Jon, Cyndi, Ja’nel, Mary and Susan. From the official synopsis:

The final five chefs must prove that they deserve to stay in the competition by creating their most impressive gourmet burger. They face a tough room of critics as Chef Ramsay and room filled with dining professionals will determine the best and the worst burgers. The winning chef earns a relaxing day at the spa, while the remaining chefs are tasked with endless chores. Later, pressure mounts when the chefs must serve a VIP guest, but huge missteps in the kitchen put dinner service at a virtual standstill. Find out which contestant is sent home after a dramatic elimination round.

Stay tuned for our official live recap of the show tonight as it airs! As always, in the meantime tell us in the comments who you’ve been rooting for this season. Come back for the recap and refresh often for the latest scoop!


Mary is upset that she was nominated by two people because they think she’s the weakest chef in the competition. Chef Ramsay tells the chefs that he has chosen a dish that is moving into five-star restaurants. It’s a gourmet hamburger! For their next challenge, they are going to have to create ten gourmet burgers in 30 minutes. For the judging portion, Gordon is being joined by Jean-Phillipe and his culinary friends.

Susan came in last place with her burger and the clear winner belongs to John. To reward him, it’s spa day! He can also share his day with another of his team members. He chooses to take Cindy with him. Meanwhile, JP is getting the day off and the rest of the chefs have to get the dining room ready for him.

The five chefs will be feeding all of the guests at the restaurant from one kitchen. Antonio Sabato, Jr. has walked in for a table and has been seated at the chef’s table. Ja’nel has messed up the risotto, but has recovered with the team back on track. Mary has sent a slider without a burger! She has also messed up some more sliders. When it came to the entrees, Susan messed up the garnish.

Susan wasn’t giving correct times on her own food and now she’s running the kitchen. Chef Ramsay put her in charge to run the pass. Everyone worked together, but Chef Ramsay thinks it was a total disaster. He sends them up to the dorms to pick the two weakest chefs. They have nominated Mary and a split between Ja’nel and Susan.

The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Susan after he first sends Mary back into the line. Are you surprised at tonight’s elimination? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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