Hell’s Kitchen Season Finale Recap For July 25, 2013

Hell's Kitchen Season Finale Recap For July 25, 2013

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of the hit cooking competition Hell’s Kitchen….and it’s not just any episode of the show, it’s the two-hour season finale! Are you excited? We certainly are. If you’re just tuning in to the show now, you can get caught up with last week’s recap here.

Last week’s show left us with a bit of a cliffhanger. Mary was chosen to battle it out in the season finale, but against whom? It’s now between Ja’nel and Jon as to who will be joining Mary in the final two.

Stay tuned for our live recap and refresh this page often!

Warning: This post contains obvious spoilers for the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen 2013.

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Who is getting the other spot? It’s Ja’nel! Are you shocked that Jon didn’t get through to the finale?

Chef Gordon Ramsay informs the ladies that they should pack their bags because they’re leaving for Las Vegas aboard a private jet. Now, the remaining two chefs are getting help from Andy and James to work on their menus.

The ladies have just received a note that they would be meeting someone important at Caesar’s Palace. It’s the President of the hotel. Then, Gordon takes them to Gordon Ramsay Steak and they meet up with season ten winner Christina. Gordon also brings them new chef’s jackets. Afterward, they return to Hell’s Kitchen. Soon after, he tells them that they need to pack their bags for another overnight trip. They’re at Union Station to learn about the place and their families are there.

Now, the ladies have to make five dishes in an hour. To help him judge the dishes, Chef Ramsay asked Sung Yoon to join him. Round one goes to Ja’nel. Round two is being judged by Humaro Cantu and he chooses Mary’s dish. Round three is being judged by David Lefevre and he chooses Ja’nel’s dish. Judging round four is Douglas Keane and he picks Mary’s dish. For the fifth round, it’s being judged by Jeffrey Frederick, a VP of food and beverage at Caesar’s Palace. He chooses Ja’nel’s beef cheeks.

For winning the challenge, Ja’nel gets to select her first teammate from the entire cast of the show. Ja’nel selects Cyndi. Mary picks Jon. Ja’nel picks Susan. Mary picks Anthony. Ja’nel picks Zach. Mary picks Nedra. Ja’nel picks Amanda. Mary picks Mike. Ja’nel picks Ray, leaving Dan on Mary’s team.

Chef Ramsay hands them both envelopes to open when they’re back at Hell’s Kitchen. They have the chance to switch a team member for another member of the other team. Ja’nel doesn’t want to switch anyone, even though Mary wants to dump Dan.


After Ja’nel discusses her menu with her brigade, she says that she’s going to talk to Mary. She then decides that she’s not going to trade off any of her team members. Ja’nel is serving Anthony Anderson, while Mary will be serving Kat Graham and Tony Hawk.

During the dinner service, Ja’nel is going slow and Mary has decided to kick Dan out for being an idiot on the meat dishes. Now it appears that everyone is ignoring Ja’nel when she’s trying to run the pass. She takes charge and dishes get served. Both of the finalists had a great service tonight, so Chef Ramsay tells them that he would call them when he’s made his decision.


Are you surprised at the results of season eleven of Hell’s Kitchen? Did you see this one coming at all? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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