Henry Cavill Talks ‘Man Of Steel’ Role

Henry Cavill Talks 'Man Of Steel' Role

Henry Cavill talked about his role as Superman in the June/July issue of Details magazine. He told the publication, “This character matters so much to so many people.”

He continued, “I want to get that right. I want to do it justice. I want people to believe in the character and have faith in the character and kids to grow up wanting to be Superman.”

He went on to say, “When I found out I got the part, I was home playing World Of Warcraft. Zack called, and I thought he was calling to let me down easy. But then it dawned on me that he was giving me the part. I had to play it cool. Be appreciative, respectful, professional. But the second we hung up, I just sprinted up and down my stairs cheering and whooping like a madman.”

He added, “I kept looking in the mirror, going, ‘I don’t believe it. I’m Superman? I’m Superman!'”

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