Holly Madison Defends Newborn Daughter’s Name

Holly Madison Defends Newborn Daughter's Name

In case you’ve missed it, former “Girls Next Door” star Holly Madison has just revealed that she has given birth to a baby daughter with her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella. And the happy couple named their newborn daughter Rainbow Aurora Rotella. If you thought that this poor kid was going to get picked on, then congratulations, you are not alone. But Holly has taken to her official blog to defend her daughter’s name against all of the haters.

She posted the below photo:

And said this:

I got my nails done Rainbow colors to celebrate my new daughter’s name!

I have always loved the name Rainbow. There was a girl in my school a few years younger than me named Rainbow and I was so envious of her name because it was so pretty and unusual. She was a perfectly normal, well-adjusted, sporty girl, by the way, so I’m not worried about my daughter being “traumatized” by having an unusual name.

There are a lot of smug haters out there who bag on my choice of a name, but I don’t care about what they think. I want my daughter to be proud of who she is and learn to speak up and stand up for herself at a young age. I spent most of my life being a people-pleaser who worried about what other people thought or thought was cool and I don’t want that for her.

I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a perfect daughter and have never been happier than I am now!

What did you think of their daughter’s name? Should she have to defend her choice in names? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

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