Holly Madison Talks Breastfeeding As Her Biggest Challenge

Holly Madison Talks Breastfeeding As Her Biggest Challenge

Former “Girls Next Door” star Holly Madison has only been a new mother for two weeks, but she cites her biggest challenge as breastfeeding her newborn daughter Rainbow Aurora Rotella.

In a new interview, she told People via CelebBabyLaundry, “Breastfeeding is the biggest challenge. I took classes – and I don’t want to discourage anyone from nursing – but I’m surprised at how much work it is and how much you’re on call. I’m happy to do it since it’s healthy for my baby.”

From People:

The former Playboy pin-up and Las Vegas headliner says she “did her research” during the pregnancy, but has found that the education pales in comparison to being in the trenches with a newborn.

“It’s a 24-hour thing, as any new mom knows,” she notes. “I was as prepared as I could be and [I’m still learning] how time-consuming it is.”

Although she appeared quite slim in a blue Diane von Furstenberg dress at Cirque Du Soleil’s One Night For One Drop benefit show, Madison, 33, joked that it was all an illusion.

“I’m wearing this because it flares out,” she explains. “The skirt masked my gut!”

Good for her! We’re glad that she is doing what’s best and most healthy for her and her precious daughter. Kudos to her. We cannot wait to see more photos of her new bundle of joy!

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