Hollywood Hacker Reveals Miley Cyrus Hack Details

Hollywood Hacker Reveals Miley Cyrus Hack Details

The guy who hacked into the phones and email accounts of numerous celebrities, Christopher Chaney, has revealed just how he managed to get into one of his victim’s GMail accounts. He talked to TMZ about how he infiltrated Miley Cyrus’ email account, and as it turns out, it was just a guessing game.

If convicted, he faces up to 121 years in jail, after being charged with 26 counts of ID theft, wire-tapping and unauthorized access to protected computers.

TMZ reports:

The man says he simply went to Miley’s Gmail and tried accessing it. The prompt asked a security question … the name of one of her girlfriends. He guessed the one she’s known the longest, based on a Google search — and he scored.

He says, “When I saw that, I couldn’t believe it.”

Someone needs to tell Miley that she should try to make her passwords harder to guess, maybe? Are you surprised that she used something so easy to access her account?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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