How Kris Jenner Ruined Kim Kardashian

On Wednesday, we reported that an ex of Kris Jenner’s came forward for the latest issue of In Touch Weekly to discuss how Kris ruined her kids — mostly her daughter, Kim Kardashian. Now, we have more details about what happened!

Kris’ ex-boyfriend, Todd Waterman revealed that he saw how Kim was affected by her mother’s actions. With regard to how Kris influenced her daughters, he said, “It was a steady, superficial diet of what to wear, who your friends are, where to be seen and what car to drive. Early on, it was made clear to met that Kris desired a celebrity lifestyle.”

When speaking of how Kris paid for everything with her ex-husband’s money, Todd said, “I didn’t have the money for the lifestyle Kris was leading, so she paid for a lot – or it was Robert who was paying, I guess. There was no way I could help maintain what she was accustomed to financially.”

He added, “Kim is Kris 30 years ago. That’s not going to change.”

So Kris basically ditched him because he couldn’t afford to keep her in the lifestyle she wanted so desperately to become accustomed to? At least she didn’t marry him for 72 days and milk it for everything she could get from it. Right?

Photo Credit: David Tonnessen,

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