Howard K. Stern set free in Anna Nicole Smith case

Because the law means absolutely nothing in the world of conspiracy in alleged murder cases, Howard K. Stern has been turned loose a free man.

After Anna Nicole Smith passed away due to reported sycophants feeding her scores upon scores of prescription pills, we all could’ve sworn that Howard, along with her two doctors’ collective butts would be in a sling. Not so, says the judge in the case.

After the jury convicted Howard on two counts of conspiracy, the judge thought the conviction was baseless and proceeded to toss it out!

TMZ has the scoop:

The jury in the case — in which prosecutors argued Stern and others conspired to fuel Anna Nicole Smith’s drug habit — found Stern guilty of 2 counts of conspiracy, but not guilty on 7 other charges.

The judge felt the conviction was baseless and threw it out.

It’s also a major repudiation of California Gov. Jerry Brown who grandstanded and spent millions as Attorney General going after Stern and the other defendants.

Holy crap, and just when you thought you’ve seen it all.

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