Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Obtain Their Marriage License

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Obtain Their Marriage License

Apparently Crystal Harris wants to prove to Hugh Hefner and the world that she actually intends to marry Hef this time around. We’ve learned that the duo have obtained their marriage license for their nuptials that are set for New Year’s Eve.

Just last year, five days before they were set to walk down the aisle, Crystal walked out on Hef. It wasn’t long after that that she was pawning his engagement ring, calling him a two-minute man and heading out to Las Vegas to party with Heidi Montag. Now, it appears that she has had a change of heart. TMZ reports:

Hugh Hefner wasn’t BS’ing when he got engaged to Crystal Harris … again — a year after she abruptly ended their previous engagement — because TMZ has learned, the couple just went to a courthouse to obtain a marriage license.

Sources tell TMZ, Hef and Harris dropped by the Beverly Hills Courthouse this morning to obtain the necessary paperwork in order to make their New Year’s wedding ceremony official.

TMZ broke the story … the re-engaged couple are planning to tie the knot during an intimate ceremony on New Year’s Eve at the Playboy Mansion.

Harris moved back into the Mansion earlier this year, and we’re told she and Hef have been on fantastic terms ever since.

A big change from last June — when Harris canceled the couple’s previous engagement just 5 days before their big wedding.

Do you think she will actually follow through with it this time around? Is she only marrying him because his richer than God and her music career failed? What do you think?

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