Hulk Hogan Spoofs Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” (Video)

Hulk Hogan Spoofs Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball" (Video)

By now, everybody and their mothers have already seen Miley Cyrus’ new video for Wrecking Ball and we’re all left wondering why she is so obsessed with nudity. Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan felt the need to capitalize off of her craziness and take it to an all new level.

Of course, the reason why the Hulkster used his butt to gain attention is for his new web hosting company, Hostamania. Yes, it is actually a real business venture apparently. From the official website:

I beat the Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant in the ring, and now I’m taking my quest for glory to the internet. Setting up a website has never been easy, and low quality hosting companies think they can run wild and overcharge you.

Those days are over – I’m stepping in to the web hosting ring, and I’m getting ready to leg drop the competition.

I’m busy hulking up, getting ready – trading in the pythons for web servers. Sign up, say your prayers, take your vitamins, and I’ll let you know once Hostamania is ready to run wild!

If you’ve got “an email, brother”, you can sign up and get updates on when the company goes live. As of this writing, the site’s countdown shows 25 days and ten hours. Stay tuned!

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