I got another new phone!

Sprint loves me….and of course, they rock. They sent me the new LG MusiQ phone. I can tell you this already, I absolutely love this phone.

I can’t even begin to illustrate all of the features on this baby…but I’ll give you a snippet. Previously, I received the Samsung Upstage phone from Sprint. While I loved the small nature of that phone, there were several things that I didn’t care for, like the need to flip the phone every two minutes when your texting someone or searching for music to add to your library.

This phone, however, has the added ease and functionality of any really spiffy new phone. It does not have the touch screen, though, but that’s not a drawback in my book. With this phone, I can watch SprintTV for any missed television shows, Cartoon Network, or Comedy Central, and of course, others.

I have already customized the theme to a pink princess theme, which I think is adorably cute. Also, on this phone, you can create melodies with a beat to assign as ringtones. You can also hum a tune and the phone will make something out of it. Another nifty feature is the FM transmitter, with that you can broadcast from your phone to the nearest radio. How cool is that?

It has GPS, on demand weather and news, and all other kinds of stuff. I’m not sure how much this phone retails for (‘cuz it’s mine gratis), but I’d pick it up if I were you. It’s slender and it’s the perfect phone.

I’d challenge any company to come close!

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